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University of California, Santa Barbara
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Welcome to My Personal Website !

Aloha, I'm Dibyendu and a warm welcome to my humble web abode ...

First things first ... a small intro from yours truly. To keep it brief, I'm a self-confessed Software Craftsman Wannabe ... half Java junkie, half C++ worshipper and (sic:) one-third Pythonista. Currently, I am a new grad student at the University of California, Santa Barbara, pursuing a Master's in Computer Science. And, till quite recently I was a Software Development Engineer at McAfee in Bangalore, KA India.

I absolutely love coding and I'm a sucker for video games, be it a classic like Pac Man, Mario Brothers or even the newer 7G games. Painting is one of my other passions that I do indulge from time to time. Feel free to have a peek at some of my works at the Art Tab. And, I'm a bit of epicurean too ... actively seeking one gastronomic adventure after the other (^__^)

- Dibyendu aka "Dev"

What's New ?

Well ... moved yet again. So, Santa Barbara, California is my residence for now as I'm starting out on my journey as a grad student, here at UC Santa Barbara. It's a long way from my home town - my muse, my charming Calcutta as well as from my beloved Bangalore.

Nestled in between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific, it can boast of some of the most spectacular beaches and hiking trails. Never been here before; hell, never even been to this part of the world before ... so lots to explore and experience ... it's almost like a new beginning for me.

Another small update which is quite evident by itself ... I updated my website after I decided to change it one, two *gulp* three months ago. It was a project in the works ... delayed by ever increasing hard-to-make-sense-of ToDo List.


Please Note: You don't have to read this, it's just a standard disclaimer. Trust me. All views and ideas expressed here in this website are personal. Simply put, my opinions are my own, unless you agree, in which case they are ours ... and yeah, I've got *loads* of them and they are subject to change without notice ! So, here's to an interesting read ... Cheers \m/